Mission Statement


Druze Foundation for Social Welfare was founded in 1983 in order to take care of the relief work in Lebanon during the unfortunate events that took place at that time. Later, it took the responsibility of supporting the families of those who lost their lives and the disabled over a period of twenty years.    

 The Scholarship Fund at the AUB was established in 2002 for the sake of providing scholarships to academically qualified and financially needy students, who are studying at the American University of Beirut.

Purpose of having the Fund at AUB

  • The value of quality Education that the AUB offers.
  • Being a graduate of a reputable university in Lebanon provides a better chance of finding a proper job in Lebanon or abroad.
  • All donations that go to the Fund are equally matched by the AUB.

Mission and Vision

Excerpts from Dr. Faruk Abi Khuzam’s speech, DFSW M.C. Member, AUB Professor, at our Annual Dinner 2009, which summarizes the Mission and the Vision of the Fund:

“Education is one of the gates to knowledge; and that knowledge is a gateway to freedom, freedom of thought, of choice, and of action. Belief that by being exposed to the best that was ever written or thought, students will acquire wisdom. For us, mind, or wisdom, comes first, and what really makes us human. The cultivation of wisdom should be an activity that never ceases. Acquired wisdom is the light under whose flood you can walk the space of life meaningfully. Having opened the doors to wisdom to our students, this will ultimately take the reflection on their heritage, their larger family and society.

Your contribution is your commitment not to any education, but to the ideals of liberal education, of which the American University of Beirut is a fountain.”