Dr Peter Dorman, President, AUB

“Proceeds from the Druze Foundation for Social Welfare Scholarship Fund are being used to provide scholarships for academically qualified and financially needy Druze students. Making it possible for these young men and women to attend AUB provides them with an invaluable opportunity – an opportunity that benefits their families and their communities as well.

The presence of these scholarship students on campus also benefits AUB. They add to the rich diversity of our student body that is so essential – so unique – to the AUB experience.”

“Although our students travel very different roads to come to AUB, it is their shared experience on campus that transforms their lives – and that represents the best hope for the region. These men and women graduate from AUB with a deep and profound appreciation for the opportunity they had to pursue their educations at a university where tolerance is actively fostered, where responsibility is encouraged, and where diversity is celebrated.”